About Me


Hello! Glad you could join me on this little corner of the Internet.

My name is Andrew Siemen. I’ve been a passionate FOSS advocate and Linux user for over 10 years, and a ‘professional tinkerer’ for much longer.

I currently live in the awesome city of Raleigh, North Carolina where I work as a Linux systems administrator. I spent 6 years in the beautiful (albeit snowy!) city of Houghton, Michigan where I attended Michigan Technological University studying Computer Networking and Systems Administration.

In my spare time I enjoy playing and recording various musical instruments (including guitars of various forms, trumpet, drums, and a smidgen of vocal talent), kayaking, bicycling, bowling, breaking things in my home lab, and spending time with my partner and our adorable calico cat.

These are my ramblings. Any such ramblings you see on here are my own personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs, or policies of my employer.